Twisted Mirror

Back in October 2019, I joined the What Are You Afraid Of? Jam hosted by Philly Game Mechanics. My team and I made Twisted Mirror, an interactive story about Kai, who gets lost in a mirror maze of a different world trying to escape. I worked with Celeste and Heidi to develop the story andContinue reading “Twisted Mirror”

“Nora’s Bedroom”

Nora is twenty-one years old and though she respects astrology as a belief system, she thinks anyone who bases their entire personality off of what some website with shitty graphic design and way too many ads tells them what zodiacs of their gender are supposed to act like is a spineless worm who is soContinue reading ““Nora’s Bedroom””

Lara and the Face that Sees a Thousand Paths

Lara took a deep breath. “It’s just like the stray dog that hangs around the butcher’s, only its legs bend the wrong way,” she told herself. The wolf leaped towards her and, almost too late, she jumped out of the way and plunged the kitchen knife deep in its throat. It shrieked and collapsed toContinue reading “Lara and the Face that Sees a Thousand Paths”